New Snaps in Gallery 4

Hi Folks

I’ve just put up some new snaps in Gallery 4 – please take a look and tell me what you think. Work in progress and not sorted into groups but just evolving ideas.

Go well




An English flag

english flag 2

This photograph was made by © Chris Goddard
Blyton near Gainsborough 2018

Buried beneath the English flag
The inhabitants
Unable to see the world outside
Live in the dark
Epitomising the state we’re in
Sadly completely detached


News from somewhere

Things have changed.

In a conscious attempt to make it more interesting and provide better navigation – aye, aye Captain! said the gnome. The website now:

  • Is up to date
  • Contains many more of my photographs eg. in Gallery 2 there are 100 images made over the last 50 years.
  • Includes a new piece of writing on Cormac McCarthy
  • Includes information about what I’m up to
  • And much more…

Come have a look at what’s available now. You can follow me using the blue “follow Phil Cosker” button on the homepage (on the right, just under the picture).