Cruelty to Animals
Original libretto for a new opera
© Phil Cosker 2017
Score – Lliam Paterson
Design – sets and costumes: Emma & Giuseppe Belli

This original opera, a tragedy, celebrates the power of enduring love. Its primary physical context is a travelling circus in South Wales in 1959. Each night, Dai, once a world champion boxer, ‘fights’ Big Red, a Boomer Kangaroo. He and his only friend, a dwarf, Jimmy, have returned to the land of Dai’s birth after many years hiding as circus people. Its emotional context is love sullied by guilt and lives riven with unfulfilled need. But yet, love survives, even through pain and death. Its artistic context is that of Magic Realism.

Update 12.05.2020
Negotiations were well advanced for a co-production but at the moment are in abeyance.