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It’s October 2020. Autumn’s here and so is the Plague that seems to have been with us forever – and it looks as if it’s coming back in a big way. 

Some things never change.

The Tory government under the leadership of Cummings, with Johnson acting as Prime Minister, lurches from one catastrophic decision to. Only a lawyer would know if there is a case for charging them with corporate manslaughter. They are already proven to be liars and unworthy of government.

I’ve so far posted (published) twenty-five 500 word stories in the collection ‘From Behind the Plague Door’. With a fair wind I shall continue to publish one each Sunday for the foreseeable future.

I want to thank my good friend Peter Barton for his patience and knowledge in making this website so good.

I desperately hope that fewer people will die from Covid-19, wherever they may be, recognising that this will only be possible if there is cooperation between nation states instead of competition, particularly in regard of finding a vaccine for one and all. 

If we are to make a really new normal, and a better world, then let us let use this maxim as our premise –

“From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.” 

Phil Cosker
3rd October 2020