Hello & Welcome


It’s January 1st 2021

We all know how tough 2020 has been. I’m hoping for better things in 2021. But it’s hard to always be optimistic in the face of the ongoing plague because, despite the life-saving Covid vaccines, Shagamuffin (aka Boris Johnson) and his egregious cabinet of Muffinettes, continue to procrastinate, lie, cheat and wallow in cronyism and corruption like pigs in shit. 

But you know what? I’m tired of wasting my energy castigating a bunch of Tory wankers who are beneath contempt. If I thought that my words would get rid of them it would be a different matter. So, in these circumstances, there are better things to do with my time. Here are my ‘Reasons to be cheerful – one, two, three’.

In 2020 I’ve often felt that I’ve been free-climbing across a cliff face (something like El Capitan in Yosemite), not upwards and out of danger, but sideways, staving off the fall to the rocks below. I haven’t known the route nor been able to plan the climb. Nevertheless, every finger and toehold, with every muscle straining, has been a victory and given me hope. Though I’ve not reached the summit I’m still alive and so are all my beloved family and friends. 

Just before I was diagnosed with cancer I was beginning my new novel, Tassa. But I thought, Hell, this’ll take me, as usual, about three years to complete. I could be dead by then. Instead, I’ve been writing a collection of 500 word short stories From Behind the Plague Door. A story in 500 words is a challenge as was the idea that I would post a new story every Sunday on my blog. When I’m writing I don’t have cancer and there’s no plague!

It’s been hard under lockdown, and being shielded, to continue seeing photographs and capturing them. I didn’t need to be on the street, but to continue to see the beauty, and mystery, in, what people call, mistakenly, the ‘ordinary’ – light, colour, shape, abstraction – the joy of creation. I’m getting there, and cropping – purism at an end! (You’ll find some of these images in Gallery 6.)

Silver birch – Spalford Warren. December 2020 © Phil Cosker 2020

I hope that we can all go forward to better times and find the good amidst the effluent.

From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.

Go well – Phil