Hello & Welcome

It’s May 2020.

Covid 19 is still with us and here in the countries known as the UK the death toll is horrendous.

I believe, certainly hope, that when this is over, the new normal will be abnormal. We have to make a better world. I want to play a small part in joining with others to make this happen.

I’m writing a collection of 500 word short stories ‘From behind the Plague Door’. If you click on ‘Writing’ in the black navigation bar above, you can find out more and access a new story every Sunday.

Or alternatively if you go here>>> and register, you will be automatically linked to FREE short stories and other posts by e-mail as they appear.

Out of crisis let’s make a better world.

I want to thank my good friend Peter Barton for his patience and knowledge in making this website so good.

Go well.