Hello & Welcome

Welcome, thanks for visiting –there are no Covid restrictions here so feel free to wander.

Just a few words about my ongoing project of posting/publishing one new 500 word short story each Sunday on my blog. My first, ‘Exposure’, in the Collection ‘From Behind the Plague Door’ was posted on 26.04.20. On Sunday April 25th 2021 it will be a year since I started. With luck, and a fair wind, I intend to continue writing these stories for you to enjoy (I hope). 

It’s also very selfish. The discipline of writing something worth reading in 500 words is tough, but immensely satisfying. My first reader and editor, Jules Sewell, is a crucial partner in this creative enterprise.

If my writing has benefited from being shielded etc. my photography has suffered – there’s only so much one do when one is seldom able to be out and about. I have looked at my back catalogue for images that can benefit from being ‘letterboxed’. I’m also pretty sure that many of the new images I’ll make, will be made in this shape – see below. 

Lamp, sky & wall © Phil Cosker 2020

I’m not certain why I find this shape of image so satisfying perhaps it comes from my love of wide screen cinema or that the image is often more intriguing.

What do you think about this? I’d like to know.

I’ll finish with my customary words.

I hope that we can all go forward to better times and find the good amidst the effluent.

From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs.

Go well – Phil