Hello & Welcome

As 2019 is about to come to an end I offer a few ‘WELLS’.

WELL. The Tories (under the leadership of Cummings using the clown Johnson as his pawn) have won the General Election held on December 12 with a huge majority to ‘get Brexit done’ and god knows what other horrors to come.

WELL. The Labour Party lost its way years ago and its connections with, and relevance to, the working class when Blair abandoned any semblance of socialism and delivered Labour Light as part of the capitalist neo-liberal agenda.

WELL. We have learnt, to our cost (again), the extent to which the media – TV, newspapers, radio, social media and internet – have been used and abused in the construction of lies and shovelled facts into the dustbin.

WELL. The issue of Ecocide – certainly the most serious and existential threat we all face – hardly featured at all in terms of no political party actually planning to put it at the top of their agenda. On the other hand, Extinction Rebellion published a short ‘manifesto’ – it’s beautiful and truly inspiring – you can find it here… Why We Rebel

Go WELL in 2020!