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Books available for download.

WMD – Weber, Marya & Din

© Phil Cosker 2011

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 13.56.32Synopsis
This dystopian novel is set in England in the imminent future where total surveillance of the population is used to manage society and from which there seems no escape.
Weber, a man in his early forties, is a state bureaucrat and investigator who seeks justice and right a serious wrong.
Marya, a woman in her seventies, is about to be released from prison after a long period of incarceration for her political views. She wants revenge and she’ll do anything to make sure she gets it.
Din, a boy of fourteen years, is an assassin, a First Dispatcher, employed by the Hierarchy to delete citizens identified by First Secretary Richard Owvane. Weber, Marya and Din’s dangerous journeys are interwoven and the effects they have upon one another are immense.
Veronica, the ‘narrator’, tries to make sense of it all and secure her own identity.

Author’s notes

There are a few things I’d like to add to this superficial synopsis. This was written before Snowden and the fracas around the surveillance perpetrated by social media companies.
We all know what ‘WMD’ came to mean – I guess I wanted to do two things: to raise the question of the ‘reality’ of the characters and to show that individuals are also – potentially – weapons of destruction.
The shifts in ‘point of view’ and grammatical tense are deliberate and represent an effort to slightly disorientate but also to place the narrator in a ‘compromised’ position inasmuch as she cannot ‘know’ but, as the narrator here, she ‘must know’. I’m interested in how well you think this works.
I wrote WMD because I’m really concerned about the extent to which we are all ‘surveilled’ here in the United Kingdom (sic). The future I portray is a dystopia but not one that is that far from an imminent reality – for example – many of the surveillance processes and methods listed in the novel already exist and are in use.
In terms of genre I have a problem. I suppose that ‘WMD’ has to be classified as science fiction or fantasy but I’m really not sure that’s the right box. Actually, I’m certain I don’t like things classified, reified, into neat containers but …
I’m putting this story up here so that you can read it for free.

Authors Update – May 2020.
I published Weber, Marya and Din in 2011. I also call it WMD.
It’s set in a dystopian future. Din, 14, is an assassin who deletes dissidents. Marya, 72, a dissenter, escapes from prison intent on revenge. Weber seeks to right a wrong.

I think I’ve matured as a writer since 2011 and I wouldn’t write WMD in the same way now but I’m very happy to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it.

Weber, Marya & Din’
ISBN 978-0-9547429-3-5
Copyright © Phil Cosker 2011
First published in 2011 by:
Laughing Horse Books, Heighwood House, Timms Lane
Waddington, Lincoln, England, LN5 9RQ


The sticks

© Phil Cosker 2015

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 10.24.28Fresh from her adventures in ‘Cabal’ Sam is back in a new adventure.

In this new thriller, she joins forces with detective Jack Ranger recently returned to his native Lincolnshire after being a DCI in the Met. Jack hoped he’d escaped to an easier time in the Lincolnshire force.

He was wrong. Life in The Sticks isn’t quite as he remembered it. Illegal immigrants are treated as slaves as they work on the land but those that trade and exploit them have more sinister plans.

Authors update. May 2020.
As we know from current bitter experience viruses destroy their prey from within. It is often problematic to find a vaccine that can protect us from a lethal virus such as Covid-19. After a lot of research I wondered what would happen if ‘someone’ created such a lethal easily transferred virus for criminal purposes. ‘The Sticks’ was the result of that work. I started the book in 2012 and the paperback edition was published in 2015.

At this terrible time I wanted to share this fictional story with as many people as possible – that’s why I’m offering it FREE on my website.

ISBN 9780 9929562 0 2
Copyright © Phil Cosker 2015
Paperback £10.00
Amazon Kindle e-book £2.00



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