500 word short stories.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic I’ve been locked away for existing health reasons. I was starting to plot my new book but found I couldn’t concentrate for long enough. Instead, I’ve been writing 500 word short stories, to eventually finish up with a collection – ‘From Behind the Plague Door’.

The 500 word stories in the collection ‘From Behind the Plague Door’, first reader and editor, Jules Sewell.

Please Note…
The characters portrayed in these literary works are  fictitious.

  • Exposure. Phil Cosker 2020 >>>More
  • White Chairs. Phil Cosker 2020 >>>More
  • Barking Mad. Phil Cosker 2020 >>>More
  • Bottle of Drink. Phil Cosker 2020 >>>More
  • Cabin Fever. Phil Cosker 2020 >>>More
  • God. Phil Cosker 2020 >>>More