Uriel – After Hiroshima
© Phil Cosker 2016

This feature film explores the struggle between good and evil.
On August 6th 1945 the Archangel Uriel witnesses the devastation and horror as the first atomic bomb is dropped on the innocent people of Hiroshima. Uriel is moved to tears and in that moment, because archangels aren’t allowed human feelings, he falls from God’s grace and out of God’s love. His sorrow turns to rage.
For an angel time is immaterial. In the present he’s intent on vengeance against the remaining old men who made the first atomic bomb.
Can his anger be redeemed by the love of a woman? Will God set him free from his immortal pain? Will he win his battle against the archangel Raguel? Will justice be done?
This could be described as where magic realism meets the political thriller.
This film is in the process of being optioned – or – it’s in development hell.

Her Own Woman
© Phil Cosker 2018

‘Her Own Woman’ is a modern epic celebrating a woman’s extraordinary journey to freedom, maturity and redemption.

Watch this space! More news soon.