Gallery Two – Snaps.



“I discovered Henri Cartier Bresson when I was 17 and started taking photographs soon after – it took me some time to start making them; when I did it was Bresson who was my first influence. Thereafter I’ve tried to find my own way but have found inspiration in the work of Bruce Davidson, Eugene Atget, Joel Meyerowitz, Harry Callahan, Robert Frank, Aaron Siskind, Andre Kertesz, Elliot Erwitt, Lee Friedlander, Peter Nelson, and the incomparable Tony Ray-Jones (to name but a few!).

Why ‘Snaps’? The OED variously defines ‘snap’ thus: a quick or sudden closing of the jaws or teeth (shutter) in biting … something worth securing or getting hold of; an odd chance; a good place or job … a scrap fragment or morsel … to utter sharp, tart, or cutting words … to make a quick and eager catch at a thing … to take instantaneous photographs … I could go on, but maybe these snaps are some of my decisive moments?”

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