• Books.
    Here are my books. They are all (bar one) available as Kindle e-books on Amazon as well as being available as actual physical books. More>>>
  • Screenwriting.
    This feature film explores the struggle between good and evil.
    On August 6th 1945 the Archangel Uriel witnesses the devastation and horror as the first atomic bomb is dropped on the innocent people of Hiroshima. More>>>
  • Stage.
    This original opera, a tragedy, celebrates the power of enduring love. Its primary physical context is a travelling circus in South Wales in 1959. Each night, Dai, once a world champion boxer, ‘fights’ Big Red, a Boomer Kangaroo. More>>>
  • Poetry.
    The torn raiment of lives
    Worn lightly, well used
    Invisible as silent myopic time
    Not conscious More>>>
  • Writing about writing.
    I’d like to share a few thoughts about John Williams‘ novel ‘Stoner’. There is an intensity and a terrifying sense of claustrophobia in this extraordinary novel. It is, of course, a tragedy. More>>>