Here are my books. They are all (bar one) available as Kindle e-books on Amazon as well as being available as actual physical books. 

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The Sedan Trilogy.
The Sedan dystopian trilogy is set in England in the future when fossil fuels have run out and alternative energy sources were destroyed in the war. The sedan chair is the only means of transport carried by Legits who wear clogs. New Lablair has been elected to their 11th consecutive as the government of the monarch HAM. Is there revolution in the air? Too true there is. Una Uevera leads the Sedanistas, aka SODS, in their struggle to overthrow the state and make England a pleasant land.

Sedan – the part one
© Phil Cosker 2004
ISBN 0 9547429 0 7
Paperback £6.99
Amazon Kindle e-book £2.24



“I laughed so much I was really glad of the incontinence pads.”

78-year-old Sybil H – full name withheld by the request of the care home manager in Durham.




Sedan – the part twosedan2-revised
© Phil Cosker 2005
ISBN 0 9547429 1 5
Paperback £9.99
Amazon Kindle e-book £3.00

“I don’t know when I have read a novel that entertained me so thoroughly on so many levels at the same time.”

Peter Nelson – San Diego, USA.




Sedan – the part three
© Phil Cosker 2014
ISBN 97809547429 0 4
Paperback £12.00
Amazon Kindle e-book £3.76

If you’ve not read the first two parts of Sedan then it’s likely that you’ll make as much sense of part three as would a visitor from Mars understanding why we have a monarchy when there are so many better ways of keeping ’the people’ subservient, obedient and grateful for the crumbs that fall from the tables of their ‘betters’. In part thee ‘La Lotta Continua’.



apostles-revised“The Apostles”
© Phil Cosker 2011
ISBN 97809547429 5 9
Paperback £10.00
Amazon Kindle e-book £2.24

Harry Haitch, aka H, takes a hazardous journey to discover who killed his father and learns that he didn’t know his dad at all. In the end, he finds the truth but at great cost to himself and those he loves.





I talk here… about the postcard which provided the inspiration for this book.

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Story – how the Welsh flag came into being
© Phil Cosker 2008 (limited edition hardback of 10 copies) Amazon Kindle e-book £2.24

This story is dedicated to my son and daughters – old and new – and to the children who one day may come their way and for all those children – of all ages – who request story before going to bed.


Nos Da! (Good night!)




lucaszLucasz (pr. ‘woo-kash’) Klimaszewski meets the Reverend Rowland (pr. ‘row-land’) Blite in unexpected circumstances with unexpected consequences
© Phil Cosker 2011, 2nd edition 2014
ISBN 97809547429 6 6
Paperback £8.00
Amazon Kindle e-book £2.24

This comic novella is set in England in the present day. The Reverend Roland Blite is vicar of St Cuthbert’s parish church and he’s in trouble with his boss – Bishop Jonty Janes – who believes him to be a bigot – and he is – what’s more, he’s married to Enid and he uses vodka as a salve instead of going to ‘Relate’ for matrimonial counselling when he meets …



© Phil Cosker 2103
ISBN 97809547429 6 6
Paperback £10.00
Amazon Kindle e-book £2.24


Cabal is the sequel to ‘The Apostles, is set in the present, and stars Sam Ticks (Tickinson as was) who, after her pyrrhic victory over Manes and ‘The Apostles’, finds herself embroiled in another battle against enemies who are even more powerful than ‘The Apostles’.

Who can she trust when everything is uncertain and death stalks her? New allies are found as she struggles to regain her identity and purpose in life seek to destroy her. Who can she trust when everything is uncertain and death stalks her? Sam discovers that sometimes conspiracy theories are true.



TheSticksThe Sticks
© Phil Cosker 2015
ISBN 9780 9929562 0 2
Paperback £10.00
Amazon Kindle e-book £2.00

Fresh from her adventures in ‘Cabal’ Sam is back in a new adventure.

In this new thriller, she joins forces with detective Jack Ranger recently returned to his native Lincolnshire after being a DCI in the Met. Jack hoped he’d escaped to an easier time in the Lincolnshire force.

He was wrong. Life in The Sticks isn’t quite as he remembered it. Illegal immigrants are treated as slaves as they work on the land but those that trade and exploit them have more sinister plans.



the-smokeThe Smoke
© Phil Cosker 2017
ISBN 9780 9929562 2 6
Paperback £10.00
Amazon Kindle e-book £2.99

In this multi-faceted thriller, Sam Ticks and Jack Ranger are back to finish what they began in ‘The Sticks’. They must find and destroy Anastasiya’s virus that makes Ebola look like man flu. But they’re not the only ones looking and time is running out. New and frightening adversaries are confronted. The British state has its own agenda. Some old friends and allies can be trusted. Will Sam and Jack become an item? Will Jack finally be reunited with his missing daughter, Tassa?


The dystopian thriller “Weber, Marya & Din” has only been published on “Goodreads” as an e-book. I thought it would be good if I offered it as a free book for you to read. If you go to my ‘A FREE book to read’ page you’ll find it there. I shall publish a couple of chapters each week until the entire novel is there. I hope you enjoy it.

Did I mention it’s FREE?



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