Today I’m going to try and be more measured – fuck knows why.

Okay, hypocrisy.

The government, made of sugar (an aftermath of the slave trade) and all things nice, is supported by Tory MPs who have consistently voted to (or turned a blind eye to):

  • Privatising the NHS
  • Voted not to increase NHS nurses’ pay
  • Slashed NHS and Social Care budgets
  • Introduced Universal credit as a punishment system for the poor and oppressed
  • Increase the spending on Mental health services and done nothing
  • Privatising the NHS
  • Promised to build 14 new hospitals (excluding the Nightingale)
  • Lauded their radical solutions of support for the aged but, done nowt Celebrated austerity

 Need I go on?

But all is well – their coronavirus plans and promises are in disarray – but nevertheless there they all were last night – including the bilious bibulous bonker bastard Boris outside number 10 – clapping his little fat piggy paws in praise of the NHS he sought to destroy – until he needed it! 

Until the government needed to cling to their privilege and let us die on their behalf.

In the First World War soldiers going into battle weren’t properly armed. In this ‘war’ the NHS isn’t either. Why not?  It couldn’t be because soldiers and nurses are predominantly working class and therefore expendable? Just as the old and infirm have been seen by Cummings and his preening poodle, shag-a-lot, Johnson, as natural waste. Or are these Tory c…ts  just totally fucking useless? 

Answers on an email please.

But they say ‘We love the NHS’.

Would I be correct in thinking that what they mean is – Fuck, we’re in the shit, and the only way out of not losing power is to come up with new bollocks about our love of the NHS?

Is this hypocrisy?

Capitalism, and in its neo-liberal iteration, is not for the benefit of all, but for the benefit, the PROFIT, of those who – currently – own the means of material and intellectual production. 

Doctors of medicine, metaphorically, sign the Hippocratic oath to care for the sick.

The lickspittles of capitalism, sign with the broken bones and the blood of all they oppress, their Capitalist oath, asserting their rights, exercising their duty, to exploit all in pursuit of profit and extol their virtues via the Daily Mail with the goodness of their hearts. 

Money, money, money, that’s what they adore.

And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

I have learnt that my rants become loquacious.

So, let me be focussed.


Until we call them out. Tell them they lie. Until we take responsibility, then we have nothing to blame but ourselves as we complain of our chains. 

We have moved beyond what Lenin said – arm the proletariat, not because it needs to defeat the ruling class but because it needs to defeat itself. 

We need to defeat our own cynicism. 

To do this we must abhor hypocrisy.

Make the world anew. Now is the time. The last time?

Unless we act we are the problem.

No ecocide. 

For the new better abnormal normal.

© Phil Cosker 03.04.2020


I have just had a very interesting conversation with an eminent oncological clinician, surgeon and academic.

I have received the very best of advice about the management of my cancer, Alowishus (leaving aside the details).

It’s simple.

  • Don’t get Covid19. Self isolate and don’t take risks.
  • Don’t get hospitalised with Covid.


In the current crisis ‘people’ will make decisions who don’t have the expertise to make those decisions.

If there are two patients who want to live and one has ‘cancer’, even if that isn’t going to immediately kill them, then the one without cancer will get treatment and the one with cancer won’t be treated because they’ll die anyway (wrong) because of scarcity – and ‘hard decisions need to be made’ when there’s not enough to go around. Those dying don’t need respirators. This is me! For fuck’s sake!

The dying don’t need respect as they expire – statistics.

Excuse me! What the fuck is this? Eugenics?

We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,

I have been angry for weeks with the government’s incompetence but now I have reached the limit of my tolerance.

There is a cynicism here that is beyond my understanding.

Come on folks, we all have the right to care and life and not be left to the decisions of politicians who only love their privilege, who lie, who spin their shit as if it was sweet candyfloss.

I piss on them.

What of our real stars, the nurses, assistants, researchers, doctors and administrators who believe in the Hippocratic oath and who will die ‘on the front line’ because of this government’s total failure to protect them and us, as we, fight for life?

When this is done there is a reckoning to come. We will not go back to the status quo. Organise now. This is an opportunity to make a new future for human kind.

  • An end to ecocide.
  • Stop climate change.
  • Invest in our NHS
  • People not capitalism.
  • Dignity, not oppression.
  • We will not be deceived!
  • We are not for sale.



For us AND CERTAINLY for them!

Go well!!!