2 thoughts on “New snaps in Gallery 4

  1. Phil,

    Good morning.

    A couple of things.

    1. You have a link on your site ( here … https://philcoskerwriter.com/photographers-and-photography/ ) to ArtsGlassEye. I have removed that site now. There was not enough interest shown in it to justify the effort. Would you remove that link please.

    2. With your latest notice of posting you are dropping people here…


    They then have to go off to find gallery 4. If you were to connect the “New Snaps in Gallery 4” on that page to here…


    by simply linking it then people would not have to think or search.

    Oh BTW. Love the new stuff on there.



    P E T E R B A R T O N Lincoln England Peter@peterdbarton.com

    t: 01522-878135 m: 07712-578596 PP: paypal.me/v70pdb


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