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The Windrush Citizens

Hi Folks

Yesterday Amber Rudd – the UK’s Home Secretary – apologised for the treatment and distress handed out to Windrush citizens turned into victims. Thank you for that – something that never needed to happen!

Many of these victims of racism have been made poverty stricken – Mr Thompson has been denied treatment for his prostrate cancer and therefore his life has been threatened. Even if I wasn’t a prostate cancer survivor I would support him.

I just signed the petition, “Home Office: Give Albert Thompson the lifesaving cancer treatment he needs.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?
Here’s the link:

Go well,

Yet more discrimination against those with disabilities

Hi everyone

I’ve just been sent this and wanted to share it with you.

Restore the Access to Elected Office Fund

Emily, David and Simeon are from three different parties. They have joined forces with More United to ask the Government to restore the Access to Elected Office Fund which helps deaf and disabled candidates, of all parties, with the additional costs of standing for election.

Petition to Amber Rudd: Restore the Access to Elected Office Fund

We are writing in support of Emily Brothers, David Buxton and Simeon Hart who are calling on you to restore the Access to Elected Office Fund, which helps deaf and disabled candidates, of all parties, with the additional costs of standing for election.

There are only 5 MPs with a disability. There could be so many more if deaf and disabled candidates could compete on a level playing field.

People with disabilities face huge barriers when standing for election. On top of normal election costs, many face additional costs: for example hiring a British Sign Language interpreter or helping with transport costs.

The Fund was frozen and put “under review” in 2015 but we are still waiting to see the results. Now the ‘review’ has taken longer than the time the Fund was open for.

The Fund is effectively closed. For the sake of equality of opportunity, democratic participation and fairness, we implore you to restore it immediately.

Sign here:

Robin Robertson’s ‘The Long Take’

The new book from the distinguished poet Robin Robertson ‘The Long Take’ is superb; its quality and jaw dropping range make it the most fabulous work I’ve read in a very long time – a bit like when I first discovered Charles Bukowski.
Its subtitle, ‘A Way to Lose More Slowly’, suggests that the central character, the ex GI, sometime newspaper man and alcoholic, Walker, is on a journey and we’re going down there with him all the way. It doesn’t easily fit any category; it’s not a novel, it is & isn’t a poem, it is a many layered narrative, and it’s noir as in film noir. No spoilers, but it refers back to lost love in Nova Scotia before the second world war, is set in California between 1946 & 1953, makes continued use of cinema of the period and locates the origins of Walker’s pain within the horrors of WW2 in Europe. The cities of LA & San Francisco along with their down and out skid row inhabitants are also major players – characters. It feels absolutely authentic and is viscerally thrilling confronting expectations of what to expect next. As with all great writing it not only illuminates the past but informs an understanding of the human condition in the present. Robertson’s research, underpinning his extraordinary imagination, is staggering. It’s hard to single out any lines, paragraphs or stanzas, so I won’t try. It’s beautiful and frightening to read. And perhaps most of all it’s a movie.

As a writer I found this inspiring. I shall read it again. A great book! Do take a look.


No accident
An unexpected horror on the
A63, A48, A43
Nothing to do with me
Tory spinning
Death toll rising
No accident
Lack of cash
Lies as sanity
Look how much we’re spending
Lies in suits masquerading
It’s a set up
Making ready
For the plunder
Private health
By stealth
NHS ripped asunder
The sick ground under
No accident
The people made to doubt
Certain they’re at risk
Tabloids scare
Red tops blare
Can’t trust doctors anymore
Scarce resources evermore
Not their fault of course
They’re not up to it no more
Lay the blame at demand’s door
No accident
Tory lore
Create stress
Foster disrespect
Prevent success
Horror stories
Lack of cash
Solution found
Tory lore
No accident
Say no more

At night twenty-four hour A&E shuts
No accident
A consequence of years of cuts
Staff shortages to blame
Always the same
Someone else to carry the can
The doors are barred
No place for the halt and lame
The sick debarred
A&E made empty in a land
Where the rich that gets the plenty
And the poor that gets the blame
No accident

In A&E
In the dark
Telephones ring
Nothing to see
No patients waiting queuing
Cold white metal chairs
Bolted together in sets of five and ten
Word-processed warning signs
Too many chairs with sticky tape affixed
Please don’t sit on me I’m broken
No use as poultices
To excuse the fact
The chairs are not alone in that
No accident

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
The chairs will be just the same
Signs still affixed
Please don’t sit on me I’m broken
Perfect for the halt and lame
No accident
No use for crocodile tears of sorrow
It doesn’t have to stay the same
Don’t play their game
Time to cut the Tory cancer out
Take back our NHS
And stop the pain

In the city
A man lives
On a temporary basis
What else?
How could it be otherwise?
In a wheelchair
On the street?
Yes on the street
Sleeping rough
In his NHS wheelchair
In the winter
He has a nice warm hat
Many clothes
He wears them all
Bearded angry
Viewed rough unkempt
What’s that bastard doing with a chair?
He’s sick back in A&E
No accident
Thursday night
Men having fun
Dump him from his chair
Rough him up
Have a laugh
Steal his chair
No accident
He’s back
An easy victim as before
A known welcome guest
Sitting in another NHS chair
Pleased he’s staying put
The warmth of NHS people cheer
Some cops arrive
Looking for someone missing
Are you looking for my chair?
Call 101 they laugh
A nod and a knowing wink
Can’t be right in the head
Serves him right
Asking for it
Rough justice
We’ve real crime to fight
No accident
On the street
Living in a wheelchair
Does anybody fucking care?
In A&E that’s what they do
Beyond the walls and broken seats?
Snip snip snipping
At the safety net
No accident

I’m a hair’s breadth
Aren’t we all?
From being there
Being the man in the wheelchair
Living rough on the street
In the comfort of an NHS chair

What a place we’ve made
My generation
Us fuckwits
We’ve let the market
Steal our share
Steal hearts and minds
Atrophy sympathy
Drown in neo liberal Eton mess
Eyes wide closed tight shut
Seeing broken seats
We stand up
Remembering at last
They are few and we are many
Knowing once again
How to face down fear
And together cure our NHS
Care a casualty no more
Give A&E
A clean bill of health

No more
No accident

© Phil Cosker 2018


Trump – derivations and deviations.
Twenty-one useful dictionary definitions.
1. Trumpish A language of North American (USA) and Germanic (Friesland) origin. c. 2012-2017 (possibly from much earlier). Racist origins. The earlier versions of the name were ‘trump’ (fart) and ‘ish’ (unknown but thought to be a ref to a leering lisp produced from pouting lips and synchronous with a puckered rectum).
2. ‘Trumpish’ an indelicate emanation from the anus, and sometimes, unfortunately, the aforesaid pouting mouth.
3. ‘Trumpclaninism’, the expression of extreme racist, sexist and homophobic prejudice whilst wearing a conical white hat.
4. ‘Trumpologism’. An inability to construct a consistently logical sentence.
5. ‘Trumpologisms’. (plural) A clinical multiple inability to construct two consequent logically related sentences on the future of the world or the shape of an index finger.
6. ‘Trumphobic’. A challenging and contradictory homophobic attraction to another of the same sex of a similar psychological disturbance i.e. V. Putin (the initial infatuation caused by a photograph of Putin half naked riding a horse).
7. ‘Trumporlia’, the artefacts associated with conspicuous consumption (i.e. women from foreign parts, and their ‘parts’, ‘delighted’ to enjoy their owner’s whims whilst getting new clothes, jewels and divorces).
8. ‘Trumporliaeae’, ancient origin, women acquired as playthings for use by their owner and subsequently displayed to the adoring public as trophies.
9. ‘Trumptoweringness’. A sad and forlorn fantasy that back-combing one’s hair into a comb-over produces a stupefying erection.
10. ‘Trumpobamaship’. A condition where erudition, and the occasional sticking to principles, is denigrated as antithetical to the welfare of humanity, and threatening, to the Trump state.
11.‘Trumperphants’. The collection of arse lickers and cock-suckers making an inner circle (!) of (synonym) ‘Puckerphants’.
12. ‘Trumphilia’. Promoting unqualified and self-serving children, and their partners, as leaders of the free (sic) and untrammelled (sic) world in pursuit dynastic longevity.
13. ‘Trumpdaciousness’. A spectacular proclivity for mendaciousness not in the public interest and for personal profit.
14. ‘Trumping’. The act of Trumping (tautological). The ability to simultaneously celebrate and denigrate one’s political opponents whilst letting off unwanted Trumps.
15.’Trumpdowning’. A little like Watership Down – rabbits in the headlights, a lot of road kill, but, hey, everything has a purpose – what better way to feed the poor?
16. ‘Trumponarcissism’. Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?
17. ‘Trumpdysneyfication’. The media’s oligarchs’ management of threats to its own hegemony and management of the underclass(es).
18. ‘Trumpdigitification’. Finger pointing.
19. ‘Trumpabasement’. The denigration of others not to be confused with ‘Trumpabusement’ or ‘Trumpamusement’, (synonyms with the same outcome – red neck laughter).
20. ‘Trumpmodrification’. Unification with god in the service of ‘Trumpdom’.
21. ‘Trumpdom’ the empire of Trump.