No longer shielded from Covid 19

I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer on January 25th this year and have been self-isolating since the start of the pandemic. 

I had one session of chemotherapy before we halted that treatment because of the risk of having a wrecked immune system in the face of Covid19.

Since then I’ve been having oral treatment organised through the excellent Nottingham University City Hospital’s Oncology Department.

Last Friday May 29th I received two letters: one from my GP’s surgery and one from the hospital. They both said the same thing. I was now being defined as in need of shielding and accompanied with a full list of instructions and a link to the web site.

It is now Monday June 1st and I’m no longer ‘shielded’. 

I’m very happy not to be so classified. 


This trivial bureaucratic idiocy is emblematic of the total incompetence and mendaciousness of this terrible government led by Dominic Cummings and his deputy, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

I am desperate to be ‘shielded’ from the both of them and their government.

© Phil Cosker 01.06.2020

2 thoughts on “No longer shielded from Covid 19

  1. I hope you are okay. Kath and I are maintaining isolation and only emerge for important issues eg buying wine. I have never in my life been so angry at the politics of destruction that we see in our world today. There are just insufficient numbers of assassins these days. As a fellow prostate sufferer you have my sincerest regards. I, for the moment am ‘benign’ and with drugs my prostate has almost disappeared from view. I hope we meet again when this interminable lockdown is finally at an end. Lots to talk about. Ken Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi. Yes, I’m doing okay thank you. I share your anger Ken. I didn’t know you had prostate cancer and I send you my warmest regards. We’ll meet when this is over and drink some of that wined and set he world to rights. Go well. Phil

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