‘They Shall Not Grow Old’

Last night I watched Peter Jackson’s film ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’. Never has the first World War been as vivid, moving and enlightening than in this amazing work. For the first time at 24fps and in colour, the men, the soldiers, were real and their bravery and humanity one to another shone through the restored frames and the recordings made by veterans.

If you haven’t seen this film of genius then do please try and find a way to see it.

4 thoughts on “‘They Shall Not Grow Old’

  1. Agreed. A seminal application of digital technology to an all-too familiar story, turning archive footage into something quite like today’s TV news coverage. Pity it was not the war to end all wars.

  2. Totally agree with you Phil. Thought it was a very balanced presentation of men who both enjoyed the comradeship of their experience as well as showing their individual fear/fragility towards the carnage surrounding them too. Very moving. Made me cry by the end.



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