‘Bitter Pastoral’ a great intriguing mystery – I can’t wait for the sequel!

John R. Goddard ~ Writer and Reader

My first novel. A crime thriller, Summary below.

JG Book covers

They wrenched his cherished wife and baby daughter away from their idyllic rural existence that Christmas.

They soon knew he would never rest.

Until he saved his loved ones. Solved the seemingly insoluble. Brought culprits to justice. Or wreaked bloody vengeance. Even this devotee of literature and nature could not be sure which.

Without bodies or proof, senior investigating officers had long branded their own star detective ‘murderer.’ Almost universally loathed by public and colleagues alike, DCI Caleb Cade stayed in post if side-lined. To pay his bills. To quietly access police resources for his own dedicated inquiries. With no credible trace of what happened, why or who, after seven years of ever growing despair.

Until a hit and run fatality is hastily covered up, pressure brought to bear to bury the case, a lifelong old friend crudely framed, his mother possibly…

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