Good and bad news

Well – Yesterday I was going to let you know that my screenplay has been enthusiastically received by the film’s producer and that it was time to celebrate. I opened a bottle of Prosecco and the phone rang. A friend, Dave Manners, had suddenly died leaving behind his partner Sally and his daughter Amy. He was in his mid forties and had been valiant in his struggle against his illnesses over many years. It’s hard to know what to say – I cried instead. But … Dave wouldn’t have wanted that – tears maybe – a fight? – yes – drink the Prosecco – yes – but it’s just not right – he deserved – they deserved – a better shot than this. I have nothing profound to say – I’m just very sad. But … go on or back? Go on. Venceremos! With a little help from our friends.

2 thoughts on “Good and bad news

  1. Yes, go on Phil. The alternative is not just illogical, it’s cruel and selfish. So (skirting dangerously around the edges of pomposity) I was reading Paul Ricouer’s book ‘Memory, History, Forgetting’ half an hour before reading your message about Dave Manners. I never knew him, but ringing in my (ears? memory?) is the thought that memory requires, exists in duration. Those of us living on after those who have died continue their existence in our memories. Whenever we remember them, perceive what they looked like in life, recollect aspects of them, we reignite their immortality. Apart from our biological duration in children, it’s the only chance we get to be immortal, to not be forgotten – it takes effort to forget someone.
    Perhaps then, we’re all destined to be gods of the right sort; enduring and maybe immortal memories. Until then, yeah, go on Phil. It’s our last gift to each other.

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