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Here are my books. They are all (bar one) available as Kindle e-books on Amazon as well as being available as actual physical books.

You can find them here

If you’re interested in reading a paper edition then just send me a direct message via twitter @philcosker and I’ll tell you how to make payment. In the near future there’ll be a Paypal link here to make life a little easier!


My first full length satirical novel “Sedan – an entertainment – the part one” was published in 2004 by Laughing Horse Books.

sedan_pt1_cover copy

Sedan is the first part of a trilogy about England in the future, after the ‘big war’ that no one won and the subsequent slump. Fossil fuels have run out. The Sedan chair is the only means of transport carried by Legits (pronounced ‘leg its’). Legits wear clogs. New Lablair have been elected to its 11th consecutive term as government of HAM (the androgynous monarch). Is there revolution in the air? Too true there is as Una Uevera leads the Sedanistas (known as SODS) in their struggle to overthrow the state and make England a pleasant land.

‘This is blasphemy of the highest order.’ (Rev. Ebenezer Jones – outraged cleric of Goole)

‘The depiction of such depraved sexual practices amongst the monarchy is outrageous.’ (Amy Clinton-Busby-Strundle, Royal Correspondent Monarch Forever)

‘I laughed so much I was really glad of the incontinence pads.’ (78 year-old Sybil H. – full name withheld by the request of the care home manager in Durham)

‘This sort of thing, this sort of vitriolic rubbish, gives politics, and more importantly, politicians a bad name.’ (Parliamentary candidate for the Whip)

‘Phil tells it like it will be.’ (Recently deceased clairvoyant of Abingdon)

‘It’s all very well for you, you’re just a market researcher, we have to live in the same village as this, this …’ (Enraged neighbour)

Phil says he is not surprised by the controversy – and giggles – that were caused by the publication of the first edition of Sedan. He hopes that now that Kindle readers all over the world are able to easily access this satire then they too will suitably outraged and amused.

ISBN 0-9547429-0-7

Sedan the part one can be purchased from:

or direct from me.


The second part of the trilogy was published in 2005

sedan_pt2_cover copy

Sedan – the part two battles have been fought and progress (well a bit) has been made, but there’s still a way to go. Una has nearly been killed in Lindum but has been rescued by her heroic Sods, the Bloomers and the Oldsters; the powers of the state are on the run (well, some of them) and times they are a-changing. As Una said at the end of the part one, ‘La Lotta Continua…’

This is what readers said about the part one and this time the quotes are from ‘real’ people!

‘It isn’t Proust, but it sure is good fun; a really great read.’ (Peter Shelton – Director, First Movement)

‘Makes me glad to be living today. In Cosker’s dystopia I’d probably be a Legit on the Terminal Sedan Line.’ (Michael Eaton – Screenwriter and Playwright)

‘Whatever your politics, the book is imaginative, quirky, amusing and sheer good fun. And – the mark of a really good book – you find yourself genuinely caring about the characters and about what happens to them next. Up the Legits, I say.’ (Michael Prescott – International Arts Consultant)

‘Sedan is an impressive start to what promises to be a hugely entertaining series of novels.’ (Karen Parsons – Journalist)

‘I keep thinking of Gulliver’s’ Travels which I love.’ (Peter Hewitt – Chief Executive – Arts Council England)

‘The book was brilliant … I really want to know what happens to the characters.’ (Jon Foreman – Student – teaching in Nepal)

‘I don’t know when I have read a novel which entertained me so thoroughly on so many levels at the same time.’ (Peter nelson – Photographer – San Diego, USA)

ISBN 0-9547429-1-5


Here’s the final volume.

sedan_pt3_cover copy

Sedan – the part three the battles for freedom and justice have been long but finally some matters are resolved – some for the good of all but some are downright unpleasant for the recipients!

There are thrills and spills galore, a touch of romance, and some very interesting incidents that are, of course, in the worst of all possible tastes.

Find out what happens to Lump, Gilt, Greene, Una, Ham, Sister Belgravia, Anvil and Serene – to name just a few and don’t forget Maggie and her Bloomers.

If you’ve not read the parts one and two of Sedan then it’s likely that you’ll make as much sense of the part three as would a visitor from Mars understanding why we have a monarchy when there are so many better ways of keeping ‘the people’ subservient, obedient and grateful for the crumbs that fall from the tables of their betters. At least in Sedan ‘La Lotta Continua!’

ISBN 978-0-9547429-0-4


My novel “After Hiroshima” could be described as magic realism meets the political thriller. After finishing it I decided that it merited being turned into a feature film screenplay of the same title. This screenplay is in the process of being optioned and the book won’t be in print until that process is complete. If the option doesn’t come to fruition then it’ll be out as a paperback that will include both the novel and the screenplay.


The dystopian thriller “Weber, Marya & Din” has only been published on “Goodreads” as an e-book. I thought it would be good if I offered it as a free book for you to read. If you go to my ‘A FREE book to read’ page you’ll find it there. I shall publish a couple of chapters each week until the entire novel is there. I hope you enjoy it.


The Apostles” is a political thriller.

Here’s the front cover


And here’s the entire cover

Apostles cover

What’s it about?

Harry Haitch, aka H, takes a hazardous journey to discover who killed his father and learns that he didn’t know his dad at all. In the end he finds the truth but at great cost to himself and those he loves.

The novel is set in the present day against the background of the collapse of the world’s economies and financial markets. When H discovers the existence of a secret organisation – The Apostles – and struggles against their leader, Manes, he realises that not all conspiracy theories are false. Who actually runs capitalism – governments, nation states, corporations, or, perhaps, the Apostles? But the real story is H’s struggle for the truth.

The majority of the action takes place in England but H’s quest takes him to Sardinia, Belarus, the USA and to Chongqing in South West China.

Nothing is what H expects. Amidst death and confusion he accepts the call to action when it would have been so much easier to take the fortune he’d inherited, and run for his life.

ISBN 978-0-9547429-5-9

This can be found at

Where it’s got 5***** reviews.

A fantastic media production company Electric Egg made a short docuemntary about how I came to write The Apostles. Here’s a link to the documentary.


Then there’s this book for children of all ages.

Story cover

It can also be found on Amazon


Lucasz (pr.’woo-cash’) Klimaszewski meets the Reverend Roland )pr. ‘row-land’) Blite in unexpected circumstances with unexpected consequences” is a comic novella with a  very long title.

lucasz cover copy

The Reverend Roland Blite is vicar of St Cuthbert’s parish church and he’s in trouble with his boss – Bishop Jonty Janes – who believes him to be a bigot – and he is, in a ‘funny’ sort of way. What’s more he’s married to Enid and uses vodka as a salve instead of going to ‘Relate’ for matrimonial counselling.

Lucasz Klimaszewski, a young Polish man in his prime (well he was), is dead, but his ghost survives. Lucasz has two problems: some of his vital organs have been used in transplants and he wants them back, and, secondly he’s naked.

The only person who can see and hear Lucasz is Roland – this is something that the priest most decidedly doesn’t welcome at first. But … they both need help and form the most unlikely of alliances with unexpected consequences. Foes are vanquished, courage is shown and there’s a happy ending when order is restored, just about everyone gets what they deserve and Lucasz finally gives up the idea of reassembling himself.

Be warned this will make you laugh!

ISBN 978-0-9547429-6-6


Cabal”  a sequel to “The Apostles”  is now out in paperback.

Sam Ticks, the central character finds herself in the midst of a complex intrigue.

Here’s the jacket.

Cabal cover2 jpeg copy

It can be purchased direct from me at £10.00 plus post and packing. If you’re interested  please send me a direct message @philcosker and I will tell you where to send your cheque or cash and you can tell me where to have the book delivered.

ISBN: 978-0-9547429-6-6

Charles II – King of England, Scotland, Ireland and France, Defender of the Faith – had a small committee of members of his Privy Council that was known as the Cabal; some say this was the precursor of modern cabinet government; some say it was the precursor of something more sinister. The word itself comes from the initials of the five members of the Privy Council involved who signed the Treaty of Alliance with France in 1672: Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley (Lord Shaftesbury) and Lauderdale i.e. the Cabal. Though officially it came to an end around 1674 some historians argue that it continued in secret with new members replacing the original members as time went by. Yet others argue that the Cabal still exists and that a small and secret group of privileged and highly placed individuals continue to rule the United Kingdom in their own interests.

Sam’s latest adventure is set in the present. After her pyrrhic victory over Manes and ‘The Apostles’ she finds herself embroiled in another battle against enemies who are even more powerful than ‘The Apostles’. Who can she trust when everything is uncertain and death stalks her? New allies are found as she struggles to regain her identity and purpose in life.

Sam discovers that sometimes conspiracy theories are true.

‘Cabal’ is now available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon at £6.30



I’ve just completed the second draft of a new thriller ‘The Sticks‘ that will be published early in 2014. In this book a new central character Jack Ranger is introduced and he joins Sam in another compelling adventure.

Watch this space for full details in the near future!


Feature film screenplays include:

“Life Class”



and of course “After Hiroshima”



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